During my work as a communication designer I taught myself how to turn static layouts into interactive products and gathered a lot of experience writing javascript over the years.

Although I didn’t use javascript frontend frameworks in most of the projects, I recently enjoyed working with StimulusJS and got into writing Vue.js applications for research/study projects. I am experienced in applying modern production workflows and tools like git, npm, webpack, vite or babel.

Soon I started using PHP on the server side as well and gathered proficient knowledge in modern PHP development. During the last years, I developed websites utilizing content management systems like Kirby, Craft or Statamic.

Since 2015 I am deepening my knowledge at Technische Hochschule Brandenburg, currently working extensively with Node.js.


A selection of projects I worked on during the last years. I worked in various roles on these:


  • 2021-2021: TH Brandenburg, Media Computer Science (Bachelor of Science, to be completed in early 2022)
  • 2004-2009: ArtEZ University of the Arts, Art & Communication Design (Bachelor of Arts)


  • proficient knowledge in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP
  • basic knowledge in Python (Django) and Java (Sprint Framework)
  • MySQL
  • Git (Git-flow)
  • build tools (i.e. Webpack, Vite or Parcel)
  • package managers (i.e. NPM or Composer)
  • design software like Sketch, Figma or Illustrator